Why Tapas us?  I hear you ask

We bring tapas to you, our chef has a love for all things tapas from his BELLY PORK, to his BRAVOS, all the dishes are
fresh and tasty.

It's not all about the food it's about the experience 
we bring a social experience to you.


the great
thing about tapas is its all about
and we care about this experience as much 
as the food that’s why even our packaging 
it's about
getting people talking.


We care

we take every step we can to make
sure our food is l
ocally sourced and 
that our
packaging is biodegradable


our food is Tapas its all made fresh we use 
are own recipes mixed with some
love and 
a bit of
we create
amazing sauces and toppings for 
tapas from Chicken and pork to more 
veggies options like slow roasted peppers. 

Also we can make tapas to your likening
have a crazy idea for tapas let us know. 

So for anything click the let's talk

Tapas or tapout

Birthday/Anniversary/reunion/Prom etc